When? 24 May, 10:00 - 11:30
Where? ZOOM, free but registration required!

Wellbeing workshop : Keys to settling-in as a travelling spouse

Workshop focusing on the wellbeing of the internationals during the pandemic and general relocation challenges – given by Tany Arler

About this event

Whether it’s a first time move or one of many, every spouse faces personal challenges during the transition to a new country which are specific to you, the travelling spouse; loss of identity, lack of direction, loneliness…

During this talk you’ll gain insights to help ease the adjustment into your new life, tools to deal with the unique challenges you’re faced with and realize that you’re not alone.

With wit and humor, Tanya Arler will reveal how attitudes and expectations help or hinder adjustment, offer new perspective on how to rebuild your identity, and share indispensable wisdom for managing what she calls ‘the bumps in the road’.

Tanya Arler is a seasoned expat spouse, mindset coach & speaker, 3rd culture kid, and author of the book UNPACK – a guide to life as an expat spouse.


This 45-minute talk coupled with a Q&A and exchange (generally 45 minutes) is specifically designed for you, the travelling spouses, seeking insight and tools to better cope with the personal challenges you face, unique to your situation. It offers guidance on how to better transition into your new life, support your family, reclaim your identity and make the most of your experience.

The pain points addressed that are unique to travelling spouses include:

  • Loss of identity
  • Feeling inadequate – we believe this should all be easier
  • A sense of feeling lost or alone – ‘it’s easy for everyone else’
  • Frustration (anger, sadness) – unmet expectations and perceived inefficiencies in the new culture.

During the talk Tanya will focus on 3 key aspects, Attitude, Expectation, and Identity. Breaking these down and offering new perspective on them will allow you to look at your situation differently and identify new opportunities that will help you adapt and find your place in this new world.

Tanya’s aim is to help travelling spouses cope with the staggering change, rebuild an identity in their new home, and learn to see their host country through a different lens.

The insights and tools offered serve practical and everyday challenges that you can implement immediately, helping you better maneuver the obstacles you encounter.

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