Social Security

Even as an expat, you will be entitled to subsidized healthcare in Belgium. We will guide you how to access Belgian healthcare and claim your reimbursements.

If you live and work in Belgium, you typically receive coverage by state Belgian healthcare if you carry out the compulsory registrations. To access healthcare in Belgium, you need to register for social security.
This really is the first step.

Belgium has a very extensive social security system. Foreigners also are entitled to certain allowances and to social services.

Facts & Figures
45.57 %
Total Social Security Rate
32.5 %
Social Security for companies
13.07 %
Social Security for employees
For those with residence
in Belgium
For foreign employers or self-employed
in another country

The benefits which you may enjoy as a foreigner are strictly dependent on the conditions under which you are resident on Belgian soil.​

Go to your nearest social security office and provide them with:

  • a valid ID such as a passport;
  • a residence permit;
  • proof of address such as a recent utility bill

To find out which benefits you are entitled to you can go to the portal site of the social security


You are

  • a foreign employer, or their agent, wishing to post one or more workers to Belgium on a temporary basis?
  • a foreign employer, or their agent, of workers working part-time in Belgium?
  • a self-employed person established in another country, coming to provide services in Belgium on a temporary or part-time basis?​

If so, you need to declare your presence as a self-employed person or that of your workers before they begin to work in Belgium.

You can declare your services online via the Limosa online services.


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