About Expat Centre Limburg

Expat Centre Limburg (ECL) is the welcome desk for internationals such as expats and other highly skilled foreign talents living and working in the Belgian province of Limburg.

At Expat Centre Limburg, we help and inform expats and their families so they can easily settle into their new living and working environment. As an international you can request information about your region and find out about events that are organised especially for the international community.

Our main purpose is to help you feel welcome and at home. So, our guidance is totally free of charge!

It is a provincial service provided via POM Limburg, the regional development agency of the Belgian province of Limburg. With its department Welcome management, the main objective is the reception and support of international talents and businesses.

Our Mission

To help and guide the expats, who recently moved to the Belgian province of Limburg.

Our Vision

  1. Bring all expats together and strengthen the network with other expats in the Central Western Europe (Aachen, Maastricht, Liège, and other regions of Flanders and Wallonia)
  2. Support travelling expat partners to find a job via mentoring programs in cooperation with VDAB and other institutions in the EU region.

Our services towards internationals

  • We give you tips and recommendations on all questions of everyday life and residence permits via this website and other publications.
  • At several events, specifically organised for internationals, you get the chance to explore Limburg, learn about the dual career services and Dutch courses.
  • Thanks to the international community you get in touch with like-minded people and get informed about the socio- economic developments of this vibrant region.

Our services towards companies such as new investors, established foreign companies in the region

  • We boost awareness among Limburg companies and organisations by screening and offering advice on HR policies.
  •  Thanks to the referral of employees we unburden companies in receiving and supporting foreign highly skilled talents.
  • We organise a partner network of various Limburg/Flemish service providers and form a signal function in Brussels to develop policy-improving initiatives and/or instruments to improve the Flemish welcome policy together with other provincial colleagues. Ensuring you and all future business leaders benefit from these upgrades.

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