About Expat Centre Limburg

Expat Centre Limburg(ECL) is the welcome desk for expats, living and working in Limburg.

It is a result of an Interreg project called 'YouRegion' and a joint initiative of local and Euregional partners:

- Local: Provincie Limburg, UHasselt, VDAB

- Euregional: Stichting EMR, Expat Centre Maastricht Region and the Newcomers service Stadt Aachen. 

Regional information & procedures

At Expat Centre Limburg, the procedures and the provision of information are placed together to help expats and their families to settle into their new living (and working) environment. Expats can get information about the region and find out about events that are organized especially for the expat community.


The main purpose is to help expats to feel welcome and at home!

Our Mission

To help and guide the expats, who recently moved to the Belgian province of Limburg. 


Our Vision

  1. Bring all expats together and strenghten the network with other expats in the EUregion (Aachen, Maastricht, Liège, and other regions of Flanders and Wallonia)

  2. Support spouses / travelling partners of the expats to find a job via mentoring programs in cooperation with VDAB and other institutions in the Euregio.

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