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Travelling Partners

Who are you?

Traveling partners moved abroad to follow their partner or spouse, for about 80% of them it was even the main reason for their move. Currently 84% of them are women but the men are growing in numbers. Most of you are between the ages of 30 and 50, higher educated and yet about 60% of you cannot find a job due to several reasons.

Clearly, moving abroad without having a social circle to fall back upon and not having a job also means less social contacts. The move has many consequences, not just a change of country.

Your wellbeing matters

When you move abroad, the unity you form as a couple is your main point of reference. It is important that you both feel fulfilled and have a role which also has sufficient social contacts.

When the partner is not happy, it often leads to an early cut off of the move or at least it can lead to 'internal struggles'.

Let us guide you how to get connected, build a social circle and learn how to settle in in our beautiful province.

Shadow Couple's
Vrouwen in Sieraden Workshop


If you are looking for a job and you do not speak the language very well yet; or maybe you simply do not know where to start... we would give you the advice to certainly register yourself at the VDAB.

They have a fantastic mentoring program which looks mainly at social integration, so even if you do not neccessarily look for a job but you want to volunteer or meet travelling partners in a social setting, they can help.

The mentoring program can be seen like a buddy-system. You will be matched to 1 (or 2) mentors.

You matter to us

Spouse-cafe is a way for us all to meet and greet, have a drink and a laugh, share experiences and learn how others manage their lives abroad.

Our spouse-cafe events can take place on any location, so surely we will be close to you too.

Take a moment and put on your brave shoes and come and see us on out next gathering. We drink lots of coffee and we don't  bite.

Just remember... no matter what, a good cup of coffee always helps.

Koffie met vrienden

Languages open doors

It is not easy to study a new language, especially not if you are moving around much. Still, the fact that you can speak to people in their native language, even though it is grammatically incorrect or just stumbling over your words, is always so much appreciated. 

Do not be afraid to make the first step. Even a beginnerscourse will bear fruits during your daily activities, when going shopping, when meeting a neighbour.

Volunteer and warm your heart