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Working and living across the borders of Limburg

The University of Hasselt is making a lot of efforts to promote and encourage cross-border work. Since 2019, researchers from UHasselt and Maastricht University (ITEM) joined forces to draw attention to bottlenecks related to cross-border living and working, by conducting joint legal scientific research. On top of that, they present solutions to policymakers by formulating recommendations.

With some simple tools, they provide clear information about cross-border work for both employers and employees. They launched for example, in collaboration with the Province of Limburg, the brochure ‘working and living across borders in Limburg’.

As working across the border in Limburg in Belgium and Limburg in the Netherlands creates obstacles in the field of taxation and social security, the brochure briefly outlines some points of attention.

Is my foreign income included in the calculation of Belgian income taxes? What if two countries consider me as a tax resident? In which country am I socially insured? All these questions are answered in the information brochure.

Read the digital brochure in Dutch.

Brochure UHasselt
Download PDF • 3.57MB

The Welcome Management Team at POM Limburg also actively encourages cross-border working. At the end of this month, a manual for companies about how to attract and recruit international talent, a welcome guide for internationals and a brochure about the service of team Welcome Management will be published. So, stay tuned!

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