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Lost in translation...when I became a ginger

Hello neighbours!

How are you feeling after a whole year with the plague among us? Certainly, time flies...

In these crazy times, there are moments when your mind goes coo-coo and decides that you need something drastic, something that really shows your personality...and, more often than not, that means getting a new hairstyle.

I already mentioned in a previous post that my hair is especially picky when it comes to getting used to the water in Belgium, but if apart from that you add the lack of ability to speak Dutch ...then, let me be your guide on this sad story.

So I was in one of those times where I felt that I needed a change of image, and since it was the beginning of autumn I felt like a few auburn-ginger highlights would work well on my hair.

So there I went, to a wonderful hairdresser, recommended by one of my friends: "she is great, you will see, she works amazing...and pretty cheap! (which is also pretty important)"

The only issue is that the person in question didn't speak English or Spanish at the time, only Dutch and Portuguese, none of them I would control at that point.

I was excited because it was the first time I would do something like that ...and in my new country!!

So there I enter, my hairdresser greets me, sits me in the chair, and asks me what I want. Something simple, so I could explain it in Dutch: "I want to cut the ends and the fringe, just a bit to make the hair go back to health, and then also some auburn- red highlights" (as a good millennial I wear side part since I was 16).

And then came her answer: "Oh you have such nice hair! It is going to look great! But is very long hair so I will have to charge you more for that..." Well, the start was promising.

So we start talking while she is applying the color, and she keeps telling me that red would look great on me and I say "yeah, as long as is not too red is fine, plus is going to be very subtle, right?". All fun and games... And then, after letting the dye rest for a while (I don't know how long, I was watching the tv) she washes my head and I look myself in the mirror and well...let me tell you...THOSE WERE NOT HIGHLIGHTS, NOR SUBTLE!

Then came the moment of styling the hair (thankfully she cut it at the desired length) and I told her: "I just want the fringe flat and the rest blown-dry, because I have curly hair and I love how it looks."

As you can see in the picture...I got pretty much ignored, leaving my hair super sleek and flat.

Even though I was not precisely happy about it, what can you do when someone has spent nearly 3 hours on your hair, but also you don't know enough swear words to let her know how unhappy you are?

So I politely paid 95€, which also hurt me a lot, because in Spain I would have had the same done for 50€, got into my car and never got back.

I mean, it was not a bad color, I actually started liking it at some point, it was just too red, and also not what I wanted. I don't know if it was my fault, that I didn't explain it correctly, or that the hairdresser pretty much did what she could because I do have a lot of curly hair ad it can be complicated to handle. The thing is that I don't quite trust hairdressers, nor my knowledge of Flemish, anymore.

But hey! After 3 years, 4 hair dyes way too darkand many many euros on the way, my hair is recovering its natural state, I only need the last chop and some highlights, this time real ones, I will get a pretty decent color that will look similar to the original one!

But to end on a positive note, this is only a story I tell with humor, I am sure that there are wonderful hairdressers in Belgium, very knowledgable, and that hear their clients and help them over to get their desired style...just be careful when you wish for something different!!

Until next time!!

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