Guideline for companies: attracting and retaining top international talent

POM Limburg launches its new brochure ‘push your boundaries and choose for international talent’. This new guideline is a must-have for all companies in Limburg, from start-ups to multinationals, open for attracting top international talent.

Is your company ready to work with foreign talent? Or are you as a business leader or HR-manager facing difficulties in filling some vacancies? Or maybe you already hired international talent and encounter obstacles?

At the same time, there are many foreign knowledge workers who – despite their willingness to find a job – are facing difficulties in accessing the labour market. That’s why it is our ambition to tempt more highly educated non-native speakers into the labour market of Limburg. We believe in their added value thanks to their unique experience, flexibility and motivation.

A short overview of the guideline:

WHY? – Why recruiting international talent? What are six good reasons to hire a foreign language worker?

WHO? - Companies with a diverse workforce perform better. But who are these foreign knowledge workers? Everything about highly educated foreign workers, expats and exchange students.

LEGAL CONDITIONS? – Information about the legal rules of the Flemish government to increase accessibility to the labour market.

WHERE? – Where do I find international talent?

HOW? – Everything about how to hire and retain international talent.

TIPS – Concrete tips in the search for foreign talent.

Request your free brochure now via and start working with international top talent now!

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