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Excitement for visiting the hairdresser again

A thick line of outgrowth, centimetres of dead and split ends or a wild head of hair that only can be kept in control by a hat. Many clients were happy to see their hairdresser reopening again at the 13th of February. Due to Covid, many people were seeing their true hair colours shining through, and for others it was growing to great lenghts. Haircuts are obviously important to people and for many even a form of therapy – or “hairapy”, like the English people would say. That is why lot of people tried to cut their own hair or trusted someone with who they are quarantined with to cut their hair, with a lot of funny hairstyles as a result.

Not yet visited the hairdresser and ready to cut at least 30 centimetres off your hair? Participate in the initiative ‘Care about Hair’ of the organisation ‘Think Pink’, the national breast cancer organization in Belgium for women and men with breast cancer. Since 2008, Belgians have been saving their long locks for Think Pink's campaign. Thanks to these tails, women and men with breast cancer who are struggling financially, can get support when buying a wig or a trendy cap.

Finally, I would like to share some fun facts about hair. Did you know that…

1. … blond people have the most hair, while redheads the least?

2. … men's hair is twice as thick as women's hair?

3. … an eyebrow consists of approximately 550 hairs?

4. … 45% of women have brown hair, compared to 41% for men.

5. … hair grows faster in summer than in winter? This is partly due to sunlight, which ensures absorption of vitamins A and D. These vitamins affect the hormones that control hair growth.





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