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Updated: Apr 28

Our digital dual career service event series focuses on (re)orientating and (re)formulating your (professional) goals as an international in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

For who: To all the international job seekers, including trailing expat spouses, living in the Euregion Meuse Rhine

Topics: a variety of tools for internationals to enhance your career

When: 6 half-day online workshops and info sessions (duration varies per session, more info below) starting in April and ending in September

Necessity: there is no obligation or limitation, you can register for 1 or more online sessions, as it suits you.

Live digital sessions that add up!

Tap into our ‘live’ digital dual career events series. Benefit from intense interactive workshops with a small group of peers that allow for going deep and build supportive lasting relationships. (Join the conversation on our private Facebook community, here!).

Take on knowledgeable and practical information sessions filled with tips, advice and insights that get you up to speed to (re)launch your career and take those necessary first steps. And continue to build on these events by using the materials and resources provided.

Welcome to the Euregion cross-border labour market.

Enroll now to save your spot! Seats are limited, please RSVP as soon as possible.

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