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Do I have, as a foreign national in Belgium, a right to vaccination?

With Belgium speeding up its Covid-19 vaccination strategy, the situation of foreign nationals in Belgium and their right to vaccination has also been clarified. This blogpost will provide insights into the rights of internationals in Belgium.

With more than 50% of the Belgian people vaccinated at least once, the vaccination campaign is picking up speed. But what about the rules for internationals in Belgium willing to be vaccinated?

EEA or third country nationals officially residing in Belgium who have been registered or are in the process of registration with their local town hall and in the national, foreigner’s or temporary registry will be invited to get vaccinated. This means that foreign nationals can also register for the reserve list ‘Qvax’. This means that you can be called up quickly in case of remaining vaccines, when people don't show up at the vaccination centre.

EEA nationals or third country nationals not officially registered in the national registry will not qualify to receive a Covid-19 vaccine in Belgium. For future long term residents wishing to receive their vaccine in Belgium, we advise to finalize the registration formalities as soon as possible. Frontier workers or short term visitors must consider different options, should they wish to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Members of diplomatic missions, consular posts and international organizations registered with the Protocol Directorate, as well as their family members who reside in Belgium are equally entitled to get vaccinated in Belgium, in accordance to the same rollout scheme as the rest of the country, if they wish to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Source: EY

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