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Discovering YouRegion: Visiting Bokrijk

Hello neighbours!!

Today I bring you something a little bit different. I visited the wonderful Bokrijk, an open-air museum, in the middle of the region of Limburg, where you can see historical buildings from Flanders. It is a perfect place to have a peaceful walk with the family and the doggies while knowing a little bit more of Flanders heritage!

Now, due to Corona rules, there is a marked path to follow and the buildings are not open, but generally, they are furnished with Epoque objects and you can even have live representations by actors! I would never forget when I first came that I got into the church and I heard a priest from the early 1900s preaching about the importance of keeping women pure by avoiding them to read...incredibly immersive! They also have a 60's exhibit where the mature generation can have a blast from the past!

So, if you find all this interesting, maybe you will like to watch this little walkthrough I have prepared for you!

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