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Bokrijk and its cultural heritage

Are you curious about where our current customs and traditions stem from? At Bokrijk, you will discover how the past is inspiring our future!

Open-Air Museum and playground

The Open-Air Museum is located in a 550-hectare park, ideal for hikers and cyclists. Around 140 authentic buildings form the core of the heritage collection. Various Flemish regions such as the Kempen, Haspengouw, East and West Flanders are reconstructed. In addition to these building, the collection consists of tools and everyday utensils. In total, this comprises 30.000 pieces of fragile heritage and witnesses to daily life from the 17th-20th century. On top of that, your children or grandchildren can enjoy themselves in the large outdoor playground with numerous swings, mega slides, a natural adventure course, a kindergarten... In this playing paradise there is an area for every age.

Until April 30, the Open Air Museum is open daily as a free walking park from 10 am to 6 pm. There is a mapped out, one-way walking route of approximately 4 km. The playground is also open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

Arboretum and Cycling through Water

Bokrijk houses one of the largest plant collections in Belgium. The park started in 1965 with the construction of the arboretum on an area of 18 hectares. The different sub-areas in the arboretum represent biotopes that could be found all over the world. As travelling at this moment is not possible, imagine yourself for a while being on 'the other side of the world'. Discover the mediterranean garden, a fern garden, a woodland garden, a swamp garden and even the national bamboo collection.

Explore the ‘Wijers’ pond area with its 'Cycling through Water’ experience. This unique cycling experience in Bokrijk leads you 200 meters trough a pond where the water is at eye level. You literally feel, see and smell the water and enjoy an unique view over the landscape.

Are you planning a visit? Be sure to check the busy barometer on the website of Bokrijk before you leave.





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