Learning Dutch

The best way to integrate is to try to learn the language. We have 3 national languages in Belgium; French, Dutch and German. In the province of Limburg we speak Dutch, but do not worry, most of us can speak some English too.

To help you get started, we have listed here various ways to learn the language. As we say here: 'de volhouder wint!'

If you need some help in finding out the best way to learn the language, and you are over the age of 15, you really have only one-stop-shop, and that is the 

First they asses your current language knowledge; based on that information they will point you in the right direction and suggest the best language courses for you. The elementary level Dutch language class is usually free of charge to people who are enrolled in the integration program ('inburgeringstraject') of the Federation of Integration (Agentschap Integratie & Inburgering).

Dutch Lessons

Governmental funded schools offering Dutch to non-native speakers ( read 'affordable education') is plenty available.
For who? For everyone who has complied with the full–time compulsory school attendance and who wants to learn Dutch to find a job, to return to school, to help the kids with their homework or just to be able to talk to the neighbours. 


For the individual learner


Weekly gatherings of non-native speakers who casually discover the language together.

Audio Books

Listening to a language helps greatly to assimilate the new grammar. Audio Books help.


A super simple site that helps you find the correct spelling of a word

App for kids

Teach children from 2 to 7 Dutch with this fun and playful app Emma.

Simple Books

A selection of books as of the age of 16, the language is kept simple for non native speakers.

Useful link

Want to know more about orthography? Click and find information about verbs, grammar, 

Practice Online

Start discovering our language in your own tempo on Nedbox, a website tailored to Dutch

More Books

Stories and books for those at a beginner level of Dutch. Perfect for young adults and adults.