Mar 30 2022

This is youRegion: Expats tells about their experiences in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine

Majid Pourabdian, a consultant and life Science Informatic at OSTHUS comes from Iran. When moving to Aachen, he had a lot of questions about finding a new flat, visa extension etc. Especially during the covid-pandemic, he had to do everything remotely and that’s why he has been involved with the newcomer service of the youRegion, which helped them a lot with all of his questions. Birgit Veskioja- Vrolijk, also an expat and international psychologist, comes from Estonia and lives now in Maastricht. She emphasized the community building part of the youRegion project: “I had been involved with a Christmas Party organised by youRegion this year, which was very lovely, because you get the opportunity to connect with people from Aachen and Hasselt. I also followed some very useful webinars, where they gave different information to internationals or to those who just came in the area.”

YouRegion definitely made my setting process here much easier.”

Birgit is convinced that youRegion has added value to her experience as a newcomer in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine. “The project has helped me to get settled, to find different contacts for my business, make new friends and to know how the formalities work in this region. “YouRegion definitely made my setting process here much easier.” Majid is also convinced that the newcomer service helps you to get to know the city and region already in advance. “This will make you feel better in the region where you will settle”. On the other side, Iris Cheng, a teacher of modern Chinese language at Leuven university from Taiwan and now living in Maastricht, stated the following: “I feel very much empowered, because those people shared with me a lot of information that otherwise I wouldn’t have thought of. I feel like more daring to seek for opportunities, even outside of my comfort zone.”
Tips for expats
Iris gives the tip to keep in mind that you are a part of this whole new thing, and that there is something out for you to explore, while Majid advices to try to integrate as much as possible. Besides being open-minded, Birgit suggests people considering to move to the Euregion Meuse-Rhine to learn German, Dutch or French, because it will help you a lot in this region. “There is always a challenge with moving to a new place, but do not scare, come here and enjoy your life”, Majid concludes.
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