Apr 1 2022

Smart sorting, better recycling: your waste will be collected with the new Optimo-system!

In Limburg, waste such as paper and cardboard, PMD, organic waste and domestic waste is collected from your residence address. If you live in an apartment, other rules may apply, such as a common container for all residents. Unwanted clothing must be taken to a clothing container. Used glass bottles, jars or other glass waste must be taken to a glass container. Other types of waste must be taken to a recycling centre. When purchasing certain bottled drinks, you might have to pay a small deposit, which is refundable when you return the empty bottles to the grocery store.


Optimo is a waste collection system in which one waste collection truck picks up to six different types of waste in one day. These are residual waste, kitchen waste, PMD, textiles, garden waste and soft plastics. The roll-out of Optimo will not lead to a higher waste tax. The price of the bags you use today will not change either.
According to Limburg.net, the system is more efficient, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Optimo has been tested in Lommel since 2016 and it appears that the collection vehicles drive up to a quarter less kilometres. The emission of fine dust and CO2 drops by 40% as a result.
“Optimo also ensures ease of use. Families can offer more types of waste simply at the front door. And by sorting more, recycling can be improved,” says Luc Wouters, chairman of Limburg.net.

Cooperating municipalities

Optimo will be introduced in 33 municipalities from 1 January 2022. The basic principle, smarter sorting, better recycling, applies in all municipalities. However, its practical implementation differs per region. The municipalities in North-West South Limburg will all switch to the full Optimo system in 2022. Only the eight municipalities of the East Limburg region, where the household waste and GFT are currently collected in grey and green containers, are not yet switching to Optimo.

Tools and helpdesk:

  1. Visit for more information www.limburg.net/optimo
  2. Contact the services via 0800 90 720 (free number, only during office hours), or mail to info@limburg.net
  3. Personal waste calender : You will also find your personal waste calendar on the Limburg.net site. Select your city or municipality, enter your street name and house number and download your calendar onto your mobile phone. https://www.limburg.net/afvalkalender
  4. Depending on the municipality in which you live, Optimo will look different. Select your address and find out how waste is collected in your municipality from 1 January 2022 onwards. Choose your city or municipality via https://limburg.net/optimo.


Recycling centres in Limburg

Other large domestic waste, or dangerous or specific waste types like wood, used and broken bricks etc. can be taken to your local recycling centre. In Limburg, the recycling centres are operated by Limburg.net and can be found in almost all cities. You can access the parks only with your residence permit (your electronic ID-card). The majority of the recycling centres is free to use, but for certain types of waste, such as wood, mixed construction rubble, bulky waste and roofing you will need to pay a fee. More information on recycling centres and their rates can be found here: www.limburg.net (in Dutch).

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