Mar 31 2022

New brochure provides guidance for self-employment across the border

Three countries, three systems, one economic area:

The new brochure “Crossing borders as a self-employed professional between Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany” is available in four languages and aims to guide you through the applicable legislation (national, bilateral and European) in situations of cross-border entrepreneurship in the Belgian-German-Dutch border area.

The brochure lays down the basic requirements of starting a business in each individual country of establishment i.e. registration requirements, professional qualifications, permits and conditions regarding matters of social security and taxation. Furthermore it offers guidance with the various options and cross-border effects to consider.

A familiar issue that arises, among others, for (highly) mobile workers in the arts and culture sector. How complicated this is, became clear during the expert session of 17 February 2022. There, it was also emphasised that all the services involved in the cross-border information provision and counselling services for the cultural sector in the Euregion would benefit from increased cooperation in this area.

The brochure “Crossing borders as a self-employed professional” was made possible by ITEM, in cooperation with the ZZP-fabriek, within the framework of the Interreg V A project youRegion 2018-2022, under the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR), with the support of the GIP Maastricht and GIP Aachen-Eurode/Region Aachen Zweckverband.

On Monday 28 March, Dr Nina Büttgen, researcher and project coordinator at ITEM, and Helmi van Bergen, infodesk advisor at ZZP-fabriek and GIP advisor, will present the information brochure ‘Crossing borders as self-employed professional‘ at the ITEM/SVB Information Session: “Self-employment across the Border” in Eindhoven.



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