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Limburg is not the usual busy high-stress big-city environment you so often find near the universities. No. Here you can find campusses which are only a bicycle ride away from green fields and inviting rural safe villages.

In the last years we have seen a growth in the number of directions we offer on bachelors and masters level. We also see the number of foreign students and professors increasing which shows once again our openness for foreign talent.

Get a degree in a safe and green environment

Universiteit Hasselt

2 campuses
- Diepenbeek Campus
- Hasselt Campus


6.538 students

- of which 13,77% international

656 doctoral students


UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL)  is one of the major universities of applied sciences 

9 campuses in Genk, Diepenbeek, Hasselt, Diest &Leuven


14.000 students


PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts is a young dynamic and vibrant organisation; a centre of expertise for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.


PXL offers professional associate degrees and bachelor programmes in Business, Education, Green & Tech, Healthcare, Digital, Media&Tourism, Music, Social Work and bachelor and master programmes in Arts.

5 campuses:

  1. Campus Elfde Linie Hasselt

  2. Campus Vildersstraat Hasselt

  3. Campus Quartier Canal Hasselt

  4. Campus Guffenslaan Hasselt

  5. Campus Diepenbeek


And other authentic learning environments as:

  1. Mediahuis Hasselt

  2. Corda Campus Hasselt

  3. DronePort Sint-Truiden

  4. Clavis Hasselt

  5. Centrum Duurzaam Groen Genk


6.645 students- of which 10% international students

Flanders - where great minds grow


International students


Study in Flanders represents the 18 Flemish higher education institutions of Flanders and Brussels. The main language of instruction at these institutions is Dutch, but they also have a wide range of English-taught study programmes on offer. For more information about studying and living in Flanders and Brussels, you can contact them or meet them at international recruitment fairs (virtual or face-to-face).


Study options & assistance


Flemish higher education institutions offer a range of English and French-taught programmes as well as Dutch of course.

Information on the higher education system and the types of study programmes you can find below.

International students will find all practical info on how to apply, housing and tuiton fees in the links below.

Types of higher education

Types of Higher Education in Belgium


Graduate training

  • Vocational training situated between secondary education and a professional bachelor's degree

  • At a college

  • Prepare for a profession and a professional bachelor's degree

  • Study size: 90 or 120 credits

Types of Higher Education in Belgium


Professional bachelor's degree

  • Focused on professional practice: you acquire competences necessary for the self-employment of one or more professions.

  • At a college

  • Study size: at least 180 credits

Types of Higher Education in Belgium


Academic bachelor's degree

  • Broad academic (theoretical) education or training in the arts

  • Prepare yourself mainly for a master's programme

  • At a university, School of Arts or Higher Maritime School

  • Study size: at least 180 credits

Types of Higher Education in Belgium



  • Advanced scientific or artistic knowledge and competences

  • Concludes with a master's thesis

  • At a university, School of Arts or Higher Maritime School

  • Study size: at least 60 credits. Research master: 120 credits.

Types of Higher Education in Belgium


After your bachelor's or master's

After a bachelor's programme you can follow a bachelor's-after-bachelor's programme. 

A master's-after-master's programme follows another master's programme. These courses ensure that you can further develop your acquired knowledge and competences within a particular field of study.
Both these programmes have a study size of at least 60 credits.

You have a diploma from abroad

You have a diploma from another country


The recognition of foreign qualifications

Do you hold a foreign qualification and are you looking to come and work in Flanders? A recognised foreign qualification will give you better job opportunities on the Flemish labour market.

Do you want go out and explore different horizons holding a Flemish qualification? NARIC-Vlaanderen helps you on your way with a certificate.

You have a diploma from another country


Help submitting your file at Naric

Leerwinkel Genk offers information on training courses but also the possibility of individual guidance or guidance in groups in determining the choice of study, and addressing possible thresholds and preconditions (financial, mobility, language, ...).

The Leerwinkel can also inform and/or supervise for diploma equalisation.

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